The Marriage Project

Event Recap: Happily Ever After

Our first Marriage Project event for 2019 was a panel style forum and we were extremely lucky to hear from three genuine and down to earth couples that provided practical tips on keeping marriage fun.  Our panelists included Matthew and Gabrielle Wall, Rick and Tamarra Alloggia and Bryan and Nicole Mendietta (and was well moderated by Charlie Burfitt). Each couple brought a unique perspective on keeping the love alive within marriage, based on the different stage of marriage they were in. 
Matthew and Gabrielle Wall, having been married for 32 years with seven children, emphasised the importance of spending quality one on one time with your spouse, even if it includes joining your spouse on work conferences (uninvited if necessary)! Gabrielle, who enjoys Spanish tapas on a Friday night with Matthew, recognised that in a professional environment there could be some pitfalls that could creep into any marriage if a husband or wife is not careful or prudent. This means taking care of the exclusivity between a husband and wife. 
Rick and Tamarra Alloggia have been married for 14 years and have four children. Rick noted that the daily ‘grind’ and fast paced Sydney life often leads couples to drift apart. Tamarra suggested making a conscious effort of spending time together even if it means doing the garden together. 
Bryan and Nicole Mendietta have been married for almost three years and have one daughter and another on the way. They mentioned the importance of date nights and keeping family traditions such as dance parties after dinner and a trip to Bowral (where they were married) each year around their anniversary. 
It was a tremendous evening we are very grateful to our panelists for taking the time to prepare for this panel discussion and also providing us with some wonderful insights into keeping marriage fun.