The Marriage Project Team

Charlie & Amelia

Charlie and Amelia met through mutual friends and after 18 months of dating, Charlie proposed complete with harbour backdrop. A quick 6-month engagement saw them married in February 2016. So far their marriage has seen two graduations, three house moves, the arrival of their one-year old daughter and baby #2 on the way. Charlie is a Property Lawyer and Amelia works part-time as an Operations Manager with a focus on finance and governance in the public health sector.

Nadim and Tamara first met on a high school party dance floor, but it was only years after school and university that they reconnected and got to know each other. They made things official on their fifth date and after two months of dating he bought the engagement ring that he’d present to her seven months later. They got married in August 2015 and now have two young daughters, Emma and Chloe. Nadim works in online marketing and Tamara is a full-time mum/freelance writer.

Nadim & Tamara
Albert & Steph

Albert and Steph met through friends as teenagers but didn’t start dating until some years later. Bonding over their shared values, Steph began to show an interest in rugby, and Albert joined her group of friends for ballroom dancing classes. They got married in April 2008 and are now the proud parents of five beautiful kids – four boys and a girl – who play some rugby themselves and enjoy dance parties in the kitchen. Steph is a primary school teacher and Albert is an Office Manager.

Marc and Minna met as teenagers in taekwondo, and became good friends through attending the same youth group. They started dating during university and Marc popped the question almost straight after Minna’s graduation – at the beach where he thought they first professed their love for each other – however Minna will tell you it happened somewhere else! These days Marc is an Engineer at a pharmaceutical company, Minna is a doctor and they are parents to almost one-year old Avi.

Marc & Minna